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Indonesia is a glory of coffee varieties that have captured the hearts of coffee enthusiasts worldwide. one of the most popular in the world is Luwak Coffee, famous for its unique natural fermentation process, which is produced by civet and results in amazing high enzyme contain.

Indonesia has a rich natural wealth in a tropical climate area our extensive collection of single origins, sourced from regions such as Aceh, Sumatera, Toraja, Bali, Java, and Papua, showcases the remarkable diversity of Indonesian coffee. 

Each cup tells a unique story of flavor and origin, inviting you to explore the amazingly tastes of indonesia.

In our wide selection, we offer a variety of Single Origin coffees from different regions. This reflects Indonesia's position as the world's leading coffee producer. Each region produces a different coffee character. through a group of farmers who have kompetent produce quality coffee and much liked by local and foreign people which is the result of our dedication to continue to be sustainable. We seriously process and source them directly from local farmers, ensuring they meet the highest international quality standards required by local and international markets.

GANDASARI Trading & Corp collaboration with local farmers to handle their valuable coffee harvests. Our dedicated team, leading by Ms. Eni Wartuti for farmers empowering, is proud to connect these exceptional coffee beans with validation customers.

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